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Genius Retractable Motorized Screens
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Genius Retractable Motorized Screens

Carefree outdoor living.

The Genius Retractable Motorized Screen creates comfortable outdoor spaces by protecting against insects, debris, sun, heat and wind with a selection of five purpose-built screens that fully retract for an unobstructed view. The screen is custom-made to fit the opening and is pre-assembled for easy recessed or surface-mount installation.

Insect Screens
Insect screens safeguard against airborne pests and are made of durable, vinyl-coated polyester that resists tears and punctures.
6+ Insect Screen
4.5" Cassette
7+ Insect Screen
5.5" Cassette
TuffScreen® No-See-Ums
Protects against even the smallest airborne pests with a tighter weave.
Protects against airborne pests.

Clear Vinyl Screens
Vinyl screens deliver outstanding climate control, transforming outdoor spaces into multi-season rooms. A transparent plastic panel provides a view while the screen is down. Features your choice of colored fabric borders. Heavy-duty bottom bar is included.
10+ Vinyl Screen
5.5" Cassette
Clear Vinyl with Weblon® Surround
Provides climate control to the enclosed space while a transparent plastic panel maintains the view.

Solar and Privacy Screens
Solar and privacy screens block the sun and its heat for cooler outdoor spaces with added privacy.
8+ Solar and Privacy Screen
4.5" Cassette
9+ Solar and Privacy Screen
5.5" Cassette
SunTex® 80
Provides approximately 75% UV
blockage for shade and privacy.
SunTex® 95
Provides approximately 95% UV blockage for excellent shade and privacy.Heavy-Duty Bottom BarAvailable for upgrade on 7+ and 9+ models for extra wind-resistance. Standard on 10+ model.Warranty: Backed

Product Code: GRMS


Genius Motorized Retractable Screen Features

Screen Controls

Conveniently raise and lower the screen with the push of a button on the remote; or let the automatic sun-wind sensor adjust the screen to match the weather.

Somfy® Remote Controls

Simultaneously operate up to 16 screens with the push of a button.

  • 1 Channel controls 1 screen.
  • 5 Channel controls up to 5 screens or groups of screens.
  • 16 Channel controls up to 16 screens or groups of screens.
Somfy® Sun-Wind Sensor (Optional)

Automatically lowers up to 16 screens during intense sunlight and raises them during heavy winds.